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Would you like to create your very own custom-designed t-shirts, jackets, handbags, and more? The Yudu Machine is the all-in-one home screen printing system that allows you to unleash your creativity and create professional quality custom items with ease.

Until now, if you wanted to create your own unique screen printed items you either had to pay a professional screen printer to do it, or purchase expensive equipement. Either that or you had to go through a lot of trouble making your own homemade screen printing setup and be satisfied with less than professional results.

With Yudu, you can easily personalize anything! Want to create custom shirts to give as gifts? How about your very own jacket that is unlike anyone else's? Perhaps you have children on a sports team and they need uniforms. With the Yudu Machine, you can do all that and so much more! Create personalized cards, home decor, gift wrap and handbags. If you can dream it, you can create it with Yudu!

With the Yudu Screen Printer you are not limited to single color designs. You can create beautiful multi-color creations that would be very difficult to make using other methods. The possibilities are endless!

Yudu is so easy to use. You can use any graphics software to create your artwork. If you are not comfortable with graphics software, no problem! Yudu allows you to use shapes cut from paper, and you can even freehand your designs right on to the transparencies! You can also print right from the exclusive image CD that comes with your order.

If doing your own screen printing seems intimidating, don't worry! In addition to the easy to follow instruction booklet, you also receive a how-to DVD that details everything you need to know to start creating.

In addition to the YuDu machine, image CD, User Guide, and DVD, you also receive 3x transparencies, 3x emulsion sheets, 110 mesh screen, squeegee, 5 colors of inks, a t-shirt paten, and emulsion remover. When you order through this special offer, you will also receive over $120 of free gifts including a pre-exposed screen, free t-shirt, deluxe mixing set, 6x cards and envelopes, 220 mesh screen mat, and a greeting card mat!

Right now you can take a 30-day trial of YuDu in your home. Simply click the link below to get started.

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